Your Phone Video Recording Can Rotate To Follow You

When you are recording yourself through Facetime on your smartphone, wouldn’t it be easier if you could do it hands free?  Satarii is a independent group of product designers that has literally been working out of their garage.  What they’ve done is created an auto-rotating stand that will fit your iPhone, iPod Touch, and some Android or Windows 7 phones.  The stand will track your movement and let you record while you move around, without a human cameraman. 

The stand is called the Star Accessory, and it uses a marker to track.  Roration will work up to 180 degrees, and it works as long as the tracker is within 8 meters (26 feet) away.  Currently the device only rotates on a horizontal axis, but they working on implementing a vertical axis as well.

The Satarii team recently surpassed their $20,000 funding goal, and that means this stand will be a real product in the near future.  Most of their funding came from crowdsourcing, so they’ve kept their development progress very public and up to date.

Their promotional YouTube video explains it best, so without further ado here it is!


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