What is human nature?

It’s to complex to define, but yet to simple to comprehend. Humans have minds to think and heart to feel, it is suppose to be your mind controlling your emotions, but human as we are, we tend to decide and take our actions because of what we feel. We easily forget to think first before taking actions. As a result wrong actions and worst case, another bigger problem to solve.

We can name so many scenario as an example, friendship fights, lovers fights, and others. But what seems to be the problem why we usually use our emotions in deciding rather than thinking it over so we can have the right actions. Is it because of the society? family?  Well the answer lies within ourselves. I myself is an emotional person, but it takes time to change. “Never to do decisions when your sad or happy”. I guess this is true, since during this time you are emotional down or up and it means you are controlled by your emotions at that time. It is better to make decision when your relax.

But still human nature, most of the time we forgot to think before we take actions. What is important, we know this can be avoided, and its up to you if u want to live your life controlled by your emotions or your mind. We are humans, so we are free to do what we want. Just always remember you are responsible for every decision u make, whatever the result, you must face the consequence.

So live your life to the fullest, by making every decision and action like your life is on the line, by then you will minimize your mistakes. God bless and may He guide you always.


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