World’s sole hair-woven portrait artist takes miniature portrait art to next level

hair woven portrait 1

Imagine your hair shaping into an incredible portrait! Sounds a little difficult to gulp down your throat, right. But, a 66-year-old has been doing this miracle for the last 54 years. Just five simple tools and a magnifying glass is all Zhang Dexuan requires to weave strands of human hair into stunning portraits. Slightly bigger than a fingernail, the portraits require weeks, sometimes months of work to achieve perfection.
hair woven portrait 2

How does this Chinese artist convert hair strands as thin as 0.5 mm into an artwork more than 10-cm-thick? Zhang first creates a blueprint more than 100 times larger and then selects the best hair stand to make the portrait. He then spends months weaving each individual strand of hair. This ancient art type demands breathe controlling, so that the delicate hair doesn’t break and this ingenious artist pulls it off quite gracefully.

hair woven portrait 3

On average, he ends up picking just one hair out of 10,000 examined strands. He has already weaved portraits of actor Jackie Chan, American president Barrack Obama and the Mona Lisa using this extraordinary art. Zhang claims he is the only hair weaving artist on Earth.

hair woven portrait 4

hair woven portrait 6


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