Nikolai Aldunin is a Russian artist noted for his microscopic art described as “masterpieces” and “pioneering work”, “famous in Russia and around the world”. His work includes a T-34 tank a fraction of the size of an apple seed and composed of more than 200 pieces, made of pure gold and described as “perfect copy of a real vehicle”; a gold saddle and horse shoes for a flea; and a camel train in the eye of a needle. He has motivated the creation of a museum for miniatures in Moscow.

Seven camels in the eye of a needle.

Can you imagine how steady your hand must be to create one of these miniature masterpieces? One breath could literally destroy an entire collection…

An idle bike on a narrow path.

It took Aldunin six months to create this gold AK-47. It consists of 34 individual parts.

This sculpture rests on the open face of a sliced apple seed.

The tank is made of gold.

This microscopic replica rests on a needle next to a grain of sugar.

A flea equipped with shoes, a saddle, and stirrups.

A likeness of the novelist Leo Tolstoy has been engraved on this grain of rice.


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