Pepquino melon

Pepquino micro melon size comparison

No, it’s not ’shopped. You’re looking at the Pepquino melon, which looks very much like a micro watermelon (but tastes like a cucumber instead):

While they might look genetically-engineered, Pepquinos come from an ancient wild plant in South America, and are 100% natural. They are just 3-cm-long and 2 cm in diameter, but apart from their size, they look just like regular watermelons. But only on the outside, because once sliced, the juicy green flesh of a cucumber is revealed. They also have the crisp fresh taste of cucumbers and usually served in luxury restaurants, as appetizers, in summer salads, stir fried and even as a sorbet.

The rare Pepquinos were discovered and brought to Europe in 1987, by a Dutch company that later began producing them and selling seeds. They’ve only recently started cultivating them in the US and Asia, but their popularity in foodie communities is growing rapidly.

A dozen Pepquino micro melons

Pepquino melon is about 3 to 4 cm long

Due to it’s fresh and unique taste, the Pepquino melon is perfect for:

  • spring or summer salads
  • a stir-fry
  • turn it into a sorbet for a refresing and light desert
  • or as a delicious snack or appetizer
  • you can even pickle them

Packaged Pepquino melons ready for sale


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