Rainbow Eucalyptus

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Gorgeous eucalyptus with peeling bark that displays a rainbow of colors.

Description: Very large forest tree to 220ft. It is a fast grower, though it can be kept to a much smaller sized if desired.

Hardiness: Hardy to 26-28F, but only for brief periods; will not stand intense or prolonged frosts.

Growing Environment: Grows well in full sun or part shade. Generally likes a lot of water and naturally grows in a rain-forest environment. Prefers a humid, cooler tropical climate.

Propagation: By seeds, though germination can be erratic. Best germinated at soil temperatures between 65-75F. Also propagated by root offshoots.

Uses: Commonly planted as an ornamental street tree in tropical regions for its beautiful bark and stately appearance. The heartwood is red and is used as a timber and ornamental wood.

Native Range: Native Papua New Guinea, but has naturalized throughout much of the South Pacific, parts of southeast Asia and tropical Australia.


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