Sparkling Chain Link Fence Installation

In collaboration with sound artist Spencer Topel, sculptor Soo Sunny Park has created a radiant interactive installation that audibly responds to movement. The large-scale piece, entitled Capturing Resonance, hangs from the third floor ceiling of deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum in Massachusetts, illuminating the tight corridors.

Being an artist that often utilizes generic materials used for building, Park opted to use chain link fencing for this piece. Multicolored Plexiglas squares are fastened into the fencing gaps, creating a vibrant multi-hued shell. Working as a light gel or filter, the illuminating installation offers a sort of daylight disco ball effect. In addition to the rich and jovial visual production, there is the auditory element that provides a more interactive aspect. Depending on the volume and speed of the visitor traffic through the space, motion sensors react with a varied number of sounds, ranging from from “whispering chords” and “soft tonal washes” to “elongated instrumental sounds.”

Capturing Resonance is currently on display at deCordova as part of the eighth edition of the PLATFORM series until July 29, 2012. Just beautiful.

Soo Sunny Park’s website
Spencer Topel’s website


4 thoughts on “Sparkling Chain Link Fence Installation

  1. Genius!
    It’s amazing how the colours reflect on the background .. for a second it looks like a huge solid fishing net that is full of sea treasures!
    Love ❤

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