Super Intricate Hand-Cut Paper Designs

Born in Yokohama and now based in France, artist Hina Aoyama masterfully cuts details into sheets of paper to create these super fine, lacy, and fragile artworks. Her work conveys such things as the delicacy of small butterfly wings, the fine script of a handwritten letter, and the details of a lotus flower. Using just a simple pair of scissors, Aoyama says her passion is “to create a finest cutoff beyond the level of the very time-consuming needle lace making.”

With intense patience, attention to detail, and a steady hand, Aoyama’s distinctive technique results in these hand-cut masterpieces, created across the course of hours and sometimes months. These truly amazing designs are so perfect yet so fragile—with one crush of the hand, the works could easily be destroyed. According to Aoyama, the process is fun because it relieves stress. She says, “I don’t follow traditional, but I am trying to create a mixture of the traditional and modern styles and to produce my own world through this super fine, lacy-paper-cuttings technique.”

Hina Aoyama’s website
Hina Aoyama on Flickr


4 thoughts on “Super Intricate Hand-Cut Paper Designs

  1. Exquisite. I have been fascinated with paper cut-outs for a few years now. This is the most amazing example I have ever seen! Big smile on my face.

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