Zoo Ads Feature Creative Animal Illustrations

The Los Angeles Zoo hired RLR Advertising to visually promote their tourist location, not just as a community and home for hundreds of animals and species, but also as a place for education and learning. This creative ad campaign was the result. Three posters feature detailed illustrations of three different animals, which are drawn based on the words that they each represent.

The gorilla, symbolizing the colorful and wild atmosphere of the LA Zoo, is formed out of assorted colored pencils. The owl, an animal symbolic of wisdom, is made out of meticulously folded newspapers and reading materials. And finally, the elephant, an animal celebrated for its memory and intelligence, is formed from all kinds of digital technology and memory devices. Each animal is paired nicely and appropriately with the LA Zoo slogan: “Where Learning Happens Naturally.”

The company created the campaign with a team of professionals including Art and Creative Director Hans Castro Gallo, Copywriter Roberto Leni, Illustrator Salamagica, and photographer R. Salamaca.

RLR Advertising website
RLR Advertising on Ads of the World
Los Angeles Zoo website


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