Giant Autumn Leaves Viewed from an Ant’s Perspective

And The Wind Blows Over You is an installation of giant scattered leaves by Finnish sculptor Kaarina Kaikkonen. Each of the sculptural pieces, made of paper and fiberglass, emulate the earthy colors, veiny texture, and free falling lightness of browned leaves that have ran their course on trees. Naturally withering and breaking free of their branches, each crunchy leaf finds itself floating to the ground where it can offer itself back to the earth as mulch, completing its cycle.

Kaikkonen, who is no stranger to creating environmental art that deals with the significance of recycling, often works on a grandeur scale. For this particular, site-specific installation, the large-scale presentation draws the viewer in to further observe each leaf, be it leaning against a wall or haphazardly piled amongst other leaves. Viewers are, essentially, given an ant’s perspective of descending Autumn leaves paving the way for inevitable seasons to follow.

Kaarina Kaikkonen on Galleria Pirkko-Liisa Topelius


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