Su Ami

Su Ami is a group of 5 crocheters in a family, they  are living in Vietnam. Shop title is the nick name of the  youngest member of 10 years old, she loves all kind of animals and movie characters that were inspired them for all amigurumi patterns.
Most patterns they choose bright and cheerful colors of wool and creatures are made using different kind of crochet and craft techniques. They  are trying to create all cute animals into our collection every month ..
Micro Green Squirrel -  Teeny Tiny Amigurumi Miniature Animal - Made To Order
0.4 Inch Micro Goat In Tiny Dome - Tiny Amigurumi Miniature Crochet Stuff Animal - Made To Order
Micro Green Chameleon - Dollhouse Miniature Crochet Tiny Amigurumi Chamaeleons - Made To Order
0.8 Inch Fawn Buck Deer Amigurumi - Micro Miniature Crochet Stuffed Animals - Made To Order
Micro Miniature Sheep - Tiny Mini Amigurumi Crochet Stuffed Animals - Made To Order
Miniature Dachshund Sausage Dog - Teeny Tiny Dollhouse Crochet  Pet - Made To Order
Tiny Sock Monkey 1 inch - Micro Amigurumi Crochet Miniature Sock Monkey Stuff Animal - Made To Order
Miniature Crochet Owl - Micro Mini Amigurumi Grey Owl - Made To Order
Tan Pug Dog with Pink Bow - Teeny Tiny Dollhouse Miniature Pet - Cotton Yarn Crocheted Pugs - Made To Order
Cute Creme Bear Blue Dress Pink Bow - Micro Miniature Crocheted Teddy Bears - Made To Order
Extreme Tiny Cookie Monster - Micro Amigurumi Crochet Character Blue Monsters - Made To Order
 source : suami 

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