Mysteriously Romantic Portraits by Marina Stenko

Fashion photographer Marina Stenko’s portfolio exhibits more than just a series of women in finely stitched, custom-fit garments. Each image utilizes the fine fabrics these women model to help weave a tale of romanticized mystery and intrigue. There’s a dreamy ambience set in Stenko’s body of work whose mystical aesthetic is only heightened by billowing dresses and misty environments.

The Ukraine-based photographer’s keen eye for texture plays a huge role in creating these intriguingly eye-catching atmospheres. Stenko combines coarse surfaces with with gentle vulnerability and, alternatively, juxtaposes smooth backdrops with regally bold women. The photographer also incorporates a great deal of fantasy into her fashion-forward realm. We see Stenko’s reinterpretation of a modern Red Riding Hood and various queens, both good and evil, inhabiting the frame.

Marina Stenko website
Marina Stenko on 500px


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